Dave's turn of phrase and way of setting a tone within a song never cease to amaze.” - Bekkah McAlvage


Based in Southern Oregon, singer- songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dave Brendlinger is known for his Folk, Americana, and Bluegrass songs and covers. His guitar playing style blends the delicate and precise finger picking of a folk musician with the driving rhythms of traditional bluegrass guitar. 

Dave has shared the stage with talented acts like Robbie Decosta, Waking Hazel, Almost Gentleman, Hot Copper Kettle, Bekkah McAlvage, and Twelve String Troubadours. Inspired by the likes of John Prine, The Grateful Dead, and Bob Dylan, Dave's music resonates with authenticity and heartfelt emotion.  

In a world craving artistic authenticity, Dave Brendlinger is the real deal. His comfortable, natural charm draws audiences in to his unique musical storytelling.

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